Common questions and answers about our loyalty programs


Yes – We provided relief in two ways:
1) For members who did not re-achieve their Platinum or Black Level status last year: We did not process downgrades at the end of February, like we normally do. We extended status through the end of 2020.

2) For members who earned or re-achieved status in 2019: We extended status through the end of 2021.

Select Guest Free Nights with booking expiration dates of March, April or May 2020 were extended by 3 months. This was already completed and communicated to members via email.

Note: Emails notifying members of Free Night Extensions were sent out to the email address listed as the primary email on the member account. Please check your account details frequently to make sure your email address is correct.

When a Select Guest Free Night reservation is canceled, the Free Night is automatically moved back into the member’s account with the same expiration date. If the Free Night had an expiration date of March, April or May 2020, it was reissued and adjusted along with the 3-month extension noted above.

Select Guest Free Nights offer members plenty of flexibility. The expiration date noted for each Free Night is the last date it may be used in a booking. Travel dates may be before or after the expiration date. For example: If my Free Night expires in June 30, 2020, I can use it in a booking on June 30, 2020 for a stay on August 12, 2020.

Note: Should your plans change, and your Free Night expiration date passed, you may still alter the dates of your stay at that hotel, without cancelling the reservation. Please contact Membership Services if you have additional questions regarding Free Nights (877-440-6664).

Yes, we currently have a 2X Award Credit promotion running through August 2020. This allows members to earn Free Nights faster. You may opt into this promotion by logging into your account and clicking on the registration button.

Nothing has been announced yet, but Omni, along with the 35+ hotel brands participating in DISCOVERY are working on various tier achievement promotions for the remainder of the year. Stay tuned to your emails for more announcements.

While there wasn’t a blanket extension on Local Experience Awards, you may request a usage extension for later this year, if it expired during the months our hotels were closed and reservations were canceled. Contact membership services for support (877-440-6664).